Paddle board Alaska


Our paddle boards are chosen from top brands like Hobie, Vesl, Radar, Bote, Yolo and Boga. The paddle boards are specifically hand-picked by Trax for quality and originality. We rent and sell all styles of boards. It’s a great idea to rent a couple different type of  boards so you can feel the differences between them. Also note, the cost of two three-hour rentals can be applied to the purchase of a new board.


Rental Cost*
Three hour: $45
Six hour: $75
24- hour: $100
3-day: $150
*Delivery fee is $25. Rent four or more board and delivery is free. Delivery not available in Anchorage.



Race & Tours

Trax is stoked to host a number of paddle board races around Alaska.  Most notable are the Soundwaves Music Festival Paddle Board Race and the SupDawg Race/tour.  In 2018 we’ll step up our game and offer more challenging races like the Midnight Sun and Sup as well as the Trax SupNRun at Tanana Lakes and in Anchorage.  Keep your eyes peeled and your boards ready for the events on the website and Facebook!