Ski Wax Services

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We never say no when it comes to service at Trax! Bring Mike your service need and he will make sure its done fast and correctly. Everything from fixing cracked boards, broken skis, broken bindings, waxing skis, winterizing boards, summerizing skis, to storage of boards or boats.

Ski Services

In the winter time Trax service is completely dedicated to improving your XC skiing experience at Birch Hill and beyond. We are set up to provide your skis with the wax of the day on the fly. Waxing will help you prolong the life of your skis and will keep you speeding past your friends the whole winter. Bring your skis to Trax and let us wax your skis to keep you going all winter!

Paddle Board Repair and Refurbishing

We repair paddle board cracks and holes. We can also turn your old heavily used paddle board into a brand new looking board with your own personal look! Trax can also clean and buff your favorite board and make it look like new again. Each board project is quoted separately.

Use our Facility for your Event

We can help either sponsor your event with the use of our building and catering of food and beverage at our shop or you can rent studio space for your favorite activity.

Ski Wax Services

  • I am Nordic (Wax of the Day) – $15
  • Nordic Ski Love (Dirty Classics, Low Fluoro Glide) – $25
  • Nordic Need for Speed (Race Day Layers) – $45 with LF and $75 with HF
  • Nordic Hot Box – $30
  • Nordic Tar and Wax for Wood Skis – $30

Ski Equipment Repair

  • Pole Cutting – $15
  • Binding Mount – $20
  • Base Repair – $45
  • Basket Replacement – $15