Online Pure Power

August 8, 2020
August 17, 2020 – August 21, 2020 all-day
Trax Yoga Virtual Studio
Trax Yoga
Online Pure Power @ Trax Yoga Virtual Studio
Pure Power
with Sarah Smith
August 17 – August 21
6 to 7pm
You may purchase this one series for $20, or all 3 series we’re offering this month for $50 here:
These series are:

Trax Yoga Online Yoga for Athletes

with Jamie (August 9 – August 15)

Trax Yoga Online Pure Power

with Sarah (August 17 – August 21)

Trax Yoga Online Strength & Soothe

with Malia (August 24 – August 28)

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Classes are streamed live here at listed times. If you miss a class, then no problem! All classes are recorded and available for replay through September 5th!
Arm balances have a funny way of seeming impossible until one day they are not!

Are you a beginner? Perfect, this class is for you! Are you a yoga pro? Great, this class is for you, too!
Sarah has designed these dynamic power yoga classes to build confidence, and to fine-tune the strength and flexibility necessary to develop foundational arm balancing skills, where an arm balance a day will be explored.
Day 1: Crow Pose
Day 2: Side Crow
Day 3: Flying Pigeon
Day 4: Peacock
Day 5: Eight Angle Pose