Adventure Sport and Family Fun

Being a Fairbanks family-owned business, we have one main priority…to help everyone that comes through our doors with a level of service above what they expect to be normal. You come to us for a reason and it will be up to us to give you a good reason to come back. We strongly love what we sell and we hope you will too!
Trax Outdoor Center

We sell new and gently used equipment

We know it can be expensive to jump into a new sport or upgrade your equipment so trade us your old gear or set up a payment plan that works for you and your family. We want you outdoors in the best equipment enjoying AK, Trax style.

We aren’t just a store

We never wanted to be just another retail store in town. We’ve designed Trax to be like our home: come visit, warm up by the fire, share a root beer on tap or espresso with a friend, take a yoga class, eat some ice cream or just say hi.

We love to party!

We love turning the shop into a fun house for different occasions! Whether it’s throwing a Besh cup pre-race celebration for Alaska families, school ski club party for their families or biathlon club parties, we want to help make your event crazy fun for participants! Come talk to us if you would like to see how we can boost your club or team excitement.