Trax Yoga Online Yin Flow

July 10, 2020
July 26, 2020 – August 1, 2020 all-day
Trax Yoga Virtual Studio
Trax Yoga
Trax Yoga Online Yin Flow @ Trax Yoga Virtual Studio

Yin Flow
with Michelle Rose
July 26 – August 1
A daily practice from 5:30 to 7pm.
Two blankets and one pillow/bolster recommended for practice.
All classes are recorded and available for replay through August 10th!

You may purchase this one series for $25, or all 4 series we’re offering this next month for $65 here:
These series are:
1. Pilates Core & Restore with Lisa (July 12-July 18)
2. Barre & Restore with Dory (July 20-July 24)
3. Yin Flow with Pipps (July 26-August 1)
4. Yoga for Hips & Hamstrings with Dee (August 2-August 8)

If you do not want to register for ALL series, then follow these two steps to participate in this one series:
1. Go here to PAY $25 & register for this one series:
2. Go here to join group prior to day 1 of class:

These classes will stream live here at above listed times. If you are unavailable during class times, then no problem! Classes are recorded and available for replay through August 10th.

Class will begin in Yin, with students holding passive floor poses for up to 5 minutes to target the connective tissue while the body is cold so that the muscles don’t “eat up” all the stretch.

The Flow sequence to follow will gently build on the increased range of motion initiated by the Yin poses leaving students feeling balanced and refreshed.