Rhythm and Relaxation: A Yin Practice with Live Music
Saturday, July 27th
5:30 to 7pm
Sign up here: http://bit.ly/30Zl2Ui
Class size strictly limited to 36 students.

Join Emily Winfield and Lindsay Herman as they collaboratively lead you through a 90-minute Yin class designed to melt stress away and stretch stiffness of body.

On acoustic guitar and with song selections to deepen this relaxing and restful experience, Claire Cherniawski will provide a live music backdrop during this class.

May 11, 2019

Vinyasa Master Class
Saturday, July 20th
noon to 2pm
Enrollment is strictly limited to 25 students.
Please pay and register here: http://bit.ly/2PZ7i6O

This class is not about arm balances or learning any fancy, twisty poses.

It’s about refining all the poses you already know each time you flow through a Sun Salutation; each time you find Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Crescent Lunge, Chair and other common poses included in a typical Vinyasa class.

This is not a studio-style class. Instead Dee Gard will break down details of poses one by one, showing students how a slight turn of a leg, a repositioning of a foot, an awareness of shoulder blades placement can bring about most stability and greatest ease in your practice.

Dee will work closely with each student present, answering questions throughout class, and offering suggestions and feedback on how to implement alignment in body.

Bringing awareness and paying attention to the subtleties of your body when you take shapes in yoga will improve your practice immensely. When you connect to body, you connect more wholly to self, and this is beginning of transformation beyond the physical.

Master your Vinyasa practice, mastering your life.

Class is worth two CEUs for certified yoga instructors.

You may have noticed that Trax Yoga is growing. And growing. And growing. We’re so lucky to have you all practice with us! But we need more classes, and more teachers.

Consider teaching with us!

Dee Gard has developed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training certified with the Yoga Alliance that we are offering for the third time this fall.

Please read here: https://traxoutdoorcenter.com/yoga/200-hour-vinyasa-teacher-training for information on this training, and attend our Q & A to learn more and get all your questions answered by Dee, and owner of Trax Yoga, Mike Hajduke. Many guest faculty and past students will be in attendance to share more information including their first-hand experience of this training.

Summer Solstice Sun Salutations
Friday, June 21st
6 to 8pm
Price: Use your punch card or drop in for $18
Taught by Trax Yoga teachers

Register here: http://bit.ly/2WyJLMr

Come join us for an evening of 108 Sun Salutations! Gulp! Yep, 108, a number that has significance in many cultures around the world. Whatever the reasons behind this number, we find meaning in gathering together as a community and celebrating the return of our sunny summer in Arctic Alaska!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th, and we would love if you practiced with us this day!

Yoga in Celebration of Women
Sunday, May 12th
3 to 4pm
Taught by Amy Kulp
Cost: Use your punch card! And challengers, yes indeed, you may use your 21-class punch card for this class!

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2IZmDn1

Whether you’re a mom of an infant or a teenager, a puppy or a hamster, a plant or a pet rock , you are invited to attend this special class in celebration of all women.

Amy will lead you through a sweet, thoughtful all-levels practice that invites you to honor yourselves as mother, as woman, as human.

EVERYONE is welcome to attend, and we’re talking even the dudes! In fact, dudes, bring your special lady or ladies to this class!

If you are woman, celebrate yourselves with this class! If you are not, then please celebrate the special women in your life by attending this class.

Think adult recess filled will fun and mindfulness! We’ll have music, snacks, and Mama Bears Kombucha available to sample and for sale.
All of these classes are FREE to the public! And everyone is welcome! Men, women, seniors, and kids. No concerns about your fitness level! This class is for those of you just getting started on your fitness journey or already immersed into a workout routine.

If you are participating in the challenge, this counts towards your 21 classes!
Class will begin with a short warm-up, and then we’ll move into a variety of movements and sequences that accommodate all levels of fitness.

Expect a bit of cardio and strength training designed to make you sweat!

Class will end with soft and gentle yoga to stretch and release you mind and body.
Location and Registration:

Monday, May 6th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will meet at the Morris Thompson parking lot. Everyone, please sign up here: http://bit.ly/2vvH7LE

Monday, May 13th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will be held at The Plant Kingdom, located off Farmer’s Loop on Fideler Road. Everyone, please sign up here: http://bit.ly/2GVHMLF

Monday, May 20th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will be held at Trax! Everyone, please sign up here: http://bit.ly/2vyS2UC


The lululemon 21-Day Spring Yoga Challenge is here!

Goal: Attend 21 classes. Every single class on our schedule counts towards this challenge. And you may attend more than one class a day if this works best with your schedule!

When: May 1 – May 31, 2019

Cost: $135 (This calculates to $6.43 per class!!)

Preregistration is now open!
*Sign up here: https://bit.ly/2CZEV3f
*The deadline for signing up for this challenge is May 11th!
*The 21-day punch card for this challenge expires on May 31st.

Prize for EVERYONE who signs up:

*When you sign up, you will receive a FREE Trax Yoga engraved lululemon Stay Hot Keep Cold water bottle AND a Lift and Lengthen yoga block. Retail value of both items are over $50.

*VIP Trax shopping card for the month of challenge
Prizes for our FINISHERS:

*Super affordable yoga!
–Three months of UNLIMITED YOGA from June 1st to August 31st for $150! (*valid from the time of purchase)
–OR You may purchase a 10-class punch card discounted at 20%.

*35% off two items at TRAX Outdoor Center (some exclusions apply, see in store for details).

And we’re adding three bonus Sweat & Flow outdoor classes this month on these Mondays at various locations:

Monday, May 6th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will be held at the statue in downtown Fairbanks, located on 1st Avenue.

Monday, May 13th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will be held at The Plant Kingdom located off Farmer’s Loop on Fideler Road.

Monday, May 20th from 5:45 to 6:45pm: Class will be held at Trax!

What is Sweat & Flow?

Think adult recess, filled will fun and mindfulness!

Class will begin with a short warmup, and then we’ll move into a variety of movements and sequences that accommodate all levels of fitness. Expect a bit of cardio and strength training designed to make you sweat! Class will end with soft and gentle yoga for a sweet release and stretch.

Ring in the summer with this challenge that is rewarding for both mind and body.

Namaste ♥

March 16, 2019

Beginner Yoga Workshop
Saturday, April 27, 2019
1:00 to 3:00pm
Taught by Emily Winfield
Sign up and pay here: https://bit.ly/2UIcsFO

Everyone you see practicing in any yoga studio balancing on their hands or positioning themselves in the bendiest of shapes were at one time, a first time yogi. Many of them probably couldn’t touch their toes at first!

But something moved them to investigate yoga further – whether it was too much stress, needing to lose weight, mending a broken heart, perhaps seeking a new beginning. Or simply, curiosity about all the fuss surrounding this practice.

And that’s all it takes—a simple step to commit to just TRY it and see how it fits your body. Once you are done with this two hour intensive, we hope you feel more comfortable and confident on your mats and at Trax Yoga.

Some things we’ll cover:

*Tips for brand new yogis
*Basic yoga poses
*Vinyasa and Sun Salutations
*What yoga is and isn’t
*Benefits of yoga
*Q & A session

March 16, 2019

Vinyasa Barre Party
Saturday, April 20
noon to 2pm
Mama Bears Kombucha and gourmet cookies will be served after class, and each participant will receive a special Trax Yoga Barre bag!

Sign up and pay here: https://bit.ly/2EwIAW5
Class size is limited to 30 students.

Join Dee Gard as she leads a 90 minute Vinyasa Barre class, combining Vinyasa Yoga with floor Barre.

Floor Barre consists of classic barre exercises that have been adapted to be practiced on the yoga mat, without use of a barre. While this class is inspired by ballet, this is not a dance class! Focus is on the conditioning elements of ballet, not dance technique.

This is an empowering and energizing workout that creates long, lean, powerful muscles combined with a yoga practice designed to nourish, relax, and de-stress you.