Kahuna Studio

Monthly featured works of art by local artists are on exhibit during our First Friday events. The art can be viewed in the Kahuna Studio for a full month. Below are sample works of this months featured artist. There are much more works to view in our gallery. Prints can be ordered of any originals.

This Month’s Featured Artists

Amanda Rose Warren

Acrylic painter Amanda Rose Warren is debuting brand new pieces, especially made for the Trax First Friday event all the way from Anchorage. Amanda has wowed us all with her vivid and colorful art. Fairbanks peeps, you won’t want to miss all her new creations. No worries though, her art will brighten the walls of the Kahuna Studio all month! Be sure to check out her Facebook page and Insta to stay tuned on all Amanda’s artistic adventures.

Andrea Voorhees

Andrea Voorhees creates gorgeous, realistic landscape and still life scenes using oil paints. Andrea discovered early on that she had a talent for art and began art classes at a young age, selling her first oil painting at the age of 18. Artistic talents came from the Voorhees side of the family as her great-grandmother Jennie Voorhees and great aunt Hope were both recognized in a volume of women in American art. Her two goals in life are to sell artwork and teach people how to paint. Focusing on still life, portraits and Alaskan scenery her talents have risen to where she can paint anything anyone asks her to.

 Works on Display

Come see more in the Kahuna Studio at Trax Outdoor Center.