Instructor Name Susan Currier
Instructor Info Zumba

Susan became Zumba certified in 2010 and has been committed to teaching fun, yet challenging, classes ever since. Susan grew up with a love for music and dance, which made instructing Zumba a natural fit. She has spent the last seven years learning and perfecting all aspects of dance, fitness, and instruction to offer a dynamic class sure to bring you a fun time accompanied with a real and effective workout.

Susan prides herself in solid physical and verbal cueing, along with providing a class for every type of participant.  With her background in music (a degree in music education), Susan knows following and enjoying a class such as Zumba hinges on the instructor’s ability to effortlessly lead her students beyond just following the moves, but dancing and exercising at one’s highest capacity. She also knows the importance of providing a little something for everyone in terms of music and dance styles along with showing different difficulty levels for her students. Basing her class format on this allows for beginning students to feel successful in class, while veteran students are still challenged and encouraged to push themselves. Susan believes in putting everything you’ve got into your exercise time regardless of one’s physical or skill level. While Susan enjoys high intensity moves, she is sure to always show low level impact options to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy the fun that Zumba Fitness has to offer. Susan’s motto is “If it’s too complicated, it’s not fun; and if it’s not challenging, it’s not worth it.”

Originally from Iowa, Susan has lived in Alaska for almost ten years with her husband (Marlee). For her first five years in Alaska, she was the choir director at West Valley High School. She now stays home with her three young children (Jackson-5, Hailee-2, Zachary-1) while working as a health and wellness coach in her spare time. She also serves as worship director for her church. Susan enjoys spending time with her family, helping others reach their fitness goals, and trying new things from recipes to all things crafty!

Susan’s Schedule