Instructor Name Jessica Christenson
Instructor for Yoga

Jessica is a certified Parana Vinyasa flow teacher and has many years of teaching experience.  Yoga, music, her family, and her work as a doula fill her life with great abundance.  She is a homeschool mama for her kiddos and loves spending time on grand outdoor adventures with them.  Her work as a doula (a birth support professional) keeps her busy.  She is also a pre/postnatal exercise specialist and loves to help pregnant women begin or continue fitness during their pregnancies.

Jessica has been active her whole life.  She began downhill skiing at two years old, growing up on the slopes of Colorado, and was an active swim and dive team member throughout high school.  At university she earned a BA in acting and directing, and trained in yoga and dance.  After moving to Alaska she became active in Capoiera, a Brazilian martial art.

Yoga has become not only a complement to her physical adventures, but also a way of creating a strong mind and body connection to help herself and others feel the potential power and growth that lay waiting within all of us. She is very grateful to Dee for encouraging her to begin a new branch in her yoga tree.

She created Parvati and Wellness, a resource for prenatal yoga, fitness as well as birth doula support.  More info at

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